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Are Sexual Dysfunction Drugs Safe?

Although, according to the advertisements we see on television, the internet and in print media would have you believe that taking drugs for your sexual dysfunction is perfectly safe, as a concerned consumer, you should always be more concerned for your own health and safety, and carefully investigate any drug before you take it.

For men (and their partners) who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, there have been a plethora of “miracle drugs” that have hit the world market in the past few decades. These drugs have led to a reversal of the notion that at a certain age, you simply “grow too old” for sex.

According to extensive studies performed around the globe, the medications currently available to help treat sexual dysfunction are, for the most part, perfectly safe for most men. The advice of a doctor or medical professional is of course necessary before starting a course of any drug like Kamagra, prescribed or not, but let’s look at some of the cases where ED medication is not recommended, and can even be harmful to your health, or in some cases even fatal.

If you take any kind of nitrate drugs: ED medications may simply not work for you, or worse yet, they may prove damaging to your health, or even your life. While a satisfying sex life is fulfillment in and of itself, its not very fulfilling if it costs you your entire life.

Nitrate drugs are commonly prescribed to patients who suffer from chest pains, and may take the form of nitroglycerin, isosorbide monitrate or isosorbide dinitrate. If you’ve been prescribed any medication for chest pains or angina, please consult your physician before taking a drug to treat your sexual dysfunction.

If you have trouble controlling your blood pressure, and especially if you’re on medication to control your hypotension or hypertension, your doctor should always be made aware of any additional medications you might be taking, have been prescribed, or are considering taking before you begin any other medication regimens.

If you’ve got severe liver disease, studies have shown that sexual dysfunction drugs may not be safe for you. If you’re unsure of whether or not your liver disease is considered severe, as your doctor or other medical provider. They’ll be glad to consult with you regarding whether or not an ED drug is dangerous, or could possibly complicate your treatment.

If dialysis is part of your medical regimen, lab tests have shown that erectile dysfunction drugs can not only cause further damage to your kidneys, but can actually interfere with the dialysis process, rendering the drugs ineffective, along with the dialysis. Don’t waste your money or your time on ED drugs without consulting your physician first, as you would hate to be hospitalized due to a medication mistake on your part.

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